About Us

Welcome to GreatPlacesMinnesota.com!

A few years ago we started thinking of a way to help promote Minnesota Business’s in a unique way.  In late 2014 we built a website and Facebook page called HotDealsMinnesota.com.  We asked a few small companies if we could promote something for them, but with a different approach.

In 2015 we started to focus on Golf courses and resorts around our great state.  Each year more golf courses and resorts joined our program.

2018 saw our Fan base on social media exceeded 10,000 fans and and over 400,000 impressions each month for our current line up of almost 100 clients.

So as we enter 2019, we re-brand to GreatPlacesMinnesota.com, and we are more than excited for this step!

We are thankful for the GREAT response from not only our clients, but you the consumer.

A special thanks to Nick Peters Photography and Tracey L Hays Photography from Bear Paw Resort for some great images and also your time and feedback, as well as Steve from WhiteFish Golf Club that first said ..Great Golf, Great Places…something like that!  Stay tuned as our story gets GREAT.