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Welcome to GreatPlacesMinnesota.com!

Welcome to Great Places Minnesota! We’re a social media-driven tourism site that connects Minnesota businesses with new clients who are looking for unforgettable experiences in our beautiful state.

At Great Places Minnesota, we specialize in showcasing the best of Minnesota’s golf courses and lake resorts. With over 100 business owners in our network, we’ve built a reputation for helping our partners attract more customers and build their brands.

We’re proud to have a social media following of over 60,000 people who love to engage with us and each other, sharing their stories and experiences of the unique and exciting destinations Minnesota has to offer.

Our social media pages are also the place to be for free rounds of golf and incredible lake resort stays, as we regularly give away prizes to our loyal fans. Our mission is to create and nurture connections between businesses and people, promoting the beauty and wonder of Minnesota along the way. We’re passionate about what we do, and we hope you’ll join us in discovering the great places of Minnesota. Thank you for visiting Great Places Minnesota.