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Another Social Media Explosion!


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One of our first blogs was about the Magic of a Tweet, and how one little Tweet had turned into some great connections for one of our advertisers!   This past week, we watched it happen on Facebook with a secondary page of one of our clients, Nick Peters Photography.

Nick is a busy man, raising a family, working at a golf course and a love of photography.  Taking pictures of storms led him to look into storm chasing, so he set up another Facebook page, MN Storm Photos.

The last couple of years he has worked very hard on his Facebook page for Nick Peters Photography and kept people up to date on weather, esp when storms are coming in, on MN Storm Photos.    Now in watching this all happen, I did notice, Nick was better at this then the guys on 4, 5, 9 and 11!   So I when planning golf, or my day, I tend to check on his page if weather might be a factor!

Of course I as well as many noticed how good he is with the camera!  Many of his shots end up on local weather reports!  One amazing shot of Sundown over the NHL Alum Game at TCF Stadium now hangs in a few “offices” at the X.

On Monday, March 6, 2017 we had some weather moving into MN, and tornado warnings started to pop up.  A little early in March, but we are used to weird weather in Minnesota!    I happened to check MN Storm Photos Facebook page to see what Nick had to say.   He had made 4 posts about the storms in a couple of hours, just updating information.   At that time the page had 475 likes and his photography page had just over 700.

Now as I mentioned, Nick has been trying to grow the Photography page, asking for likes, doing a give away, and it was slowly climbing, and for Mn Storm Photos, well as we said, he is busy, and this was his hobby.  So just happy with 475 and not really worried about it.

Around 6:00 pm Tues 3/7/17 Nick sends me a message that his likes on Storms has gone nuts!

I take a look and sure enough, 1800 new likes in 24 hours!   And it keeps going ..and climbing and as of this writing on 3/9/17, it now sits at 4131 likes!!!!!!   At first the thought goes to being hacked, something is not right.   So he posted asking people did you find us.  Well the answer was simply the magic of liking and sharing!   Many of the new fans responded, they saw the page, a friend liked it, a friend shared it etc.   Also, clearly trending due to the storm, Facebook started making it a Suggested Post.  You do not pay for that, that happens when timely subjects in your feed are picked up by Facebook!

Now with the very best results from a Facebook ad set to get new likes, this would have cost over $1000.00.  But the value of these new likes is even higher in Facebook’s mind.  They are organic!

Now of course Nick is parleying this new likes over to his Photography page!

Now you can chalk this up to perfect timing, dumb luck or what ever you want to!   The only thing we know for sure is ….It would not have happened if he did not post that night!   It was timely to what became a big news story!   Will every post do this for you?  NO, but you never know when it will happen.

The best part …It did not cost Nick a thing other then his time!   Social Media is free to use, and while yes you can spend money with it, and maybe should, the important thing is, Social media is worth 10 to 30 minutes a week, You just never know what will happen!

From liking other pages and their posts, to posting on a consistent basis on your page, not only about your business, but using timely events as well, from weather, to sports teams success, to big events in your area!

Please take the time to visit Nicks Pages!  Like and share his stuff.  Hire him to take pictures!

He does great work with the camera, and when he plays weather man, he tends to do better then the ones that are paid to be weather experts!