Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice A Minnesota Company!

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Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

100% Chemical-Free, Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

Safe for Use Around Kids and Pets

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Summers are short. Mosquitoes are annoying. We can help with one of those problems.

Stop the swat naturally with Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice. Why use chemicals that produce short-term results when you can use a safe alternative that helps repel biting pests for up to 21 days? The answer is, “Hold the chemicals, please.”

Our all-safe mosquito spray creates a barrier around your yard. This almost miracle, part-magical formula repels biting insects for up to three weeks.* It’s like a giant fence with a sign that reads, “Keep Out Mosquitoes,” but mosquitoes can’t read—another item on their long list of unappealing qualities.